Professional Automatic Driving Lessons in Blackburn / Darwen / Accrington / Bolton / Manchester / Preston / Chorley / Burnely / Nelson / Liverpool

Standard hourly rate starts from £35 per hour dependant on postcode.

Full licence refresher lessons from £35 per hour.

Automatic intensive courses from £35 per hour.

Professional and highly skilled automatic instruction team for those who require the best.

We take pride in offering flexible, affordable and enjoyable automatic driving lessons to suit all preferences and pockets. Most importantly, every instructor is licenced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and provides a supportive, professional and patient service.

The following are just a few of the services that our Acorn School Of Motoring

Automatic Regular weekly Driving Lessons in Blackburn / Darwen / Accrington / Bolton / Manchester / Preston / Chorley / Burnely / Nelson / Liverpool

Sometimes people prefer to learn to drive in an Automatic car. Our automatic driving lessons are competitively priced and delivered by one of our DVSA licenced driving instructors.

Automatic cars only use a brake and accelerator which means that you only use your right foot to control the foot controls. Our automatic driving lessons are provided over a wide range of areas.

We also provide intensive Automatic Driving Crash Courses all areas.

Please call us on 07912229133 with your full requirements and we will do our best to help you.

Automatic Refresher Driving Lessons in Blackburn / Darwen / Accrington / Bolton / Manchester / Preston / Chorley / Burnely / Nelson / Liverpool from £35 per hour dependant on postcode

Our automatic driving instructors specialise in helping drivers who are nervous or who need further help and support ‘post’ driving test. Our automatic refresher driving lessons are well structured to meet the needs of the driver and are designed to boost and enhance your current driving skills, raise your awareness and increase your confidence.

This course is ideal for:

  • Motorists who know how to drive but have not driven for a long time.
  • Motorists who have not driven at all since passing the test.
  • Motorists who have been involved in an accident and lost their confidence.
  • Motorists who would simply like to boost their skills and knowledge.
  • Motorists who hold an EU licence or international licence and want to gain experience on UK roads.
  • Motorists who want one off lessons e.g how to join and leave a roundabout safely

There are no minimum requirements for our driver refresher courses – you can take as many or as few lessons as you wish.

Lesson prices start from £35 per hour and we can pick you up from any location you wish at any time. (Subject to instructor availability)

Your driver refresher course can also be combined with the Pass Plus Course

If you have passed your test and require refresher lessons in your own vehicle or car please let us know your full requirements.

Mock Tests

A mock test in an automatic car is conducted in your driving instructor’s training vehicle. This will normally mirror an actual driving test route which is ideal preparation for your Practical driving test.

Booking a Driving Test

An automatic driving test can be booked online ( at the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website or by phone on Tel: 0300 200 1122. Before confirming a test date with the DVSA it is best to make sure that your driving instructor is available on the date you are considering.

Intensive Courses

An intensive automatic driving crash course in Blackburn / Darwen / Accrington / Bolton / Manchester / Preston / Chorley / Burnely / Nelson / Liverpool is ideal for those who would like to take their driving test sooner than if they opted to do a regular weekly driving lesson. Semi intensive driving crash courses are another way of learning to drive at an accelerated rate but with a little more time in between each training session. Please let us know which option you would like to undertake. Intensive Courses and Semi intensive Courses are priced from £35 an hour.

Automatic Pass Plus Course: from £240

Our Pass Plus tuition is strongly recommended for anyone interested in taking their skills, knowledge and confidence as a motorist to the next level. Choose from a complete Pass Plus driving course, or select one of the component elements of the program below for an intensive 1-hour program. (Priced from £35 per hour)

Pass Plus can be undertaken at any time after after passing your driving test once you have received your full driving licence.

The course consists of three 2-hour lessons or three 2-hour lessons which are:

  • Introduction/town driving.
  • All weather driving.
  • Out of town driving/rural roads.
  • Night driving.
  • Dual carriageways.
  • Motorway driving.

Upon completion of the course, your training report form is sent to the DVSA Pass Plus department who in turn issue a Pass Plus certificate by post. After which, you will be able to use your certificate number as evidence when applying for vehicle insurance. Motorists who have completed the Pass Plus program are considered safer and more responsible drivers than their counterparts. Hence, a number of insurers can offer discounts of as much as 25% off the annual premiums of Pass Plus certificates holders.

Student Automatic Driving Lessons in Blackburn / Darwen / Accrington / Bolton / Manchester / Preston / Chorley / Burnely / Nelson / Liverpool

If you are at College or University and want student driving lessons in an automatic car then we can arrange for your lessons to begin from your hall of residence or University or College building, whichever is more convenient for you. When booking driving lessons please let us know your present timetable of studies so that we can ensure that a more convenient time is provided. We look forward to helping you with your requirements.

Emergency/Last Minute Tests

Unfortunately, not all driving instructors are as reliable as others. In fact, it’s not uncommon to be let down at the very last minute – right at the moment you were prepped and ready to take your test. If your driving instructor lets you down, we can try to help. However urgent or last-minute your requirements, we can try to provide you with a two-hour preparation lesson and a one-hour car usage for your test at short notice. We understand the importance of finding a back up instructor if yours lets you down or is unable to take you for your driving test.

Banned Drivers

At Acorn School Of Motoring , we understand that getting back on the roads after a driving ban or license revocation can be a sensitive issue. That’s why we provide one of the region’s most flexible, friendly and accommodating driving tuition for clients from all backgrounds. Whatever your driving experience and budget, we’ll provide the tailored program you need to get back on the roads as soon as your legally allowed to continue driving again. For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact a member of the team at Acorn School Of Motoring at 07912229133 today.