What happens on a driving lesson?

To most people learning to drive, a driving lesson can just seem to be the hour or so that you spend each week with your driving instructor. However, it is much more than just an hour spent trying to learn something new.

A driving lesson should be structured, it should contain lesson goals or a series of mini goals which will help you to build up to an overall goal. Your driving instructor will be helping you to learn and will try to find out which ways you learn best. So, unknown to most people, a driving instructor will try to find your learning style. This could be something obvious as just asking you how do you learn best i.e. reading first, watching or listening to videos, watching demonstrations or just simply having a go at something.

Driving Instructors have changed their approach to teaching over the last few years and it is now more aligned with client centred learning. A driving instructor may have many tools of teaching in order to help you learn best. One of these tools is called coaching.

Back in the day, driving lessons where orientated around what is called direct instruction. This is where the driving instructor tells you what he or she wants to teach you for that lesson. This method of teaching didn’t work well for all learner drivers as it was mostly a fault based driving lesson. This means that the majority of the lesson was spent correcting faults and giving instruction. The down side to this style of teaching is that you as the pupil are not really thinking for yourself.

Fast forward to today’s teaching style, instructor’s are now placing the learner at the centre of the learning process and rather than the learner be a passive learner, instructors are now using coaching techniques and client centred learning methods to place you at the heart of the learning and making you an inter-active learner.

Although there will still be a syllabus to follow such as junctions, roundabouts, reversing exercises etc you may find that there is no set order on how to or when to start dealing with these types of lessons. It will be the decision that both you and your driving instructor will have a conversation about during your lessons. It can be up to you to define your own goals for your driving lessons and go at your own pace in reference to learning. After all, it’s you who knows how you learn best and how quickly you learn new things.

Also, by setting your own learning goals, lessons can be more enjoyable as you know that it’s ultimately you who’s going to be in charge of your learning. Your driving instructor will work with you and give you all the help you need throughout your driving lessons and he or she will help you to reach your goals in a way that best suits you.

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